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Architecture signifies the creation of space; performance, technology, construct, light, space, and all the existential and architectural elements which have been used in a building. But as Archibald MacLeish has said in this poem,

A poem does not mean, it just is;


The aim of our architecture in this company, regardless o0f its concept, is to create a space which is in accordance to your demand.

For this purpose, we have employed a group of professional and creative specialists and we will do our best efforts to create what you require.

Our motto: Think Big; We will do it!

Mohammad Tabaeian

Managing Director
BA, mechanical engineering, heat and fluids.

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Mehdi Tabaeian

Technical Director


Master’s degree in LANDSCAPE ARCHITECT at Tehran University.

Academic Tutor at Sepehr University of Art and Architecture.


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Unit O19, Third Floor, Baran Complex, Bagh Negar St, Chahar Bagh-e-Bala Ave, Esfahan, Iran

Tel: +98 31 36670876

Fax: +98 31 36674921

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