Mar 14, 2018

water & Architecture 2010

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Water is a very compatible matter so that its physical form easily changes to fit

the environment it is in. Not only water changes physically, but its molecular

structure changes, too. Environmental energies and vibrations change the

molecular structure of water, so, water is able not only to reflect its environment

visually but also to reflect its environment molecularly .

The water that starts flowing from the mountains, and flowing springs offer

some very beautiful geometrical designs of their crystallized patterns .

The water that is placed next to flowers changes its molecular shape to resemble

floers. Therefore, the freshness and energy that is felt by humans from the

nature is because our body molecules change their forms to resemble the nature .

All the spaces of this architecture are changeable by using all water properties.

Life is especially present in this form and flaunts its existence. The shell of this

form is also alive showing signs of life and responding to environmental

stimuli .

Water’s message: Water tells us to take a deeper look at ourselves. When we see our

image reflected on water surface, this message shines in a magical way .

Water crystals are a glamourous show and a powerful tool that can change our

perception of ourselves and the world we live in forever. We can cure and

transform ourselves and our planet positively by consciously selecting what we

think about and the ways we take to realize those thoughts (reflection of the

properties of water molecules and crystals in architectural forms and spaces .(Love yourself)

Architecture with Wind

This project is inspired by one of nature’s

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