Mar 14, 2018

Light & Shadow in Architecture 2018

written by admin

The poet and the angel


A poet and an angel became friends.

The angel gave a feather to the poet,

And the poet, a poem to the angel.

The poet put the feather inside his poetry notebook and his poems smelled like heaven.

The angel whispered the poet’s poems and

Her mouth tasted like love.

God said: “It’s enough.

Hereafter, life would be hard for both of you…!

Because, when the poet hears the smell of heaven,

The earth would feel small for him,


When the angel tastes love,

The heaven would feel small for her…”




In this concept, as mentioned in the poem, by getting inspiration from the abstract existing in the ancient Iranian architecture, a space is generated by applying light producing materials and images made from the reflection of light and shadow together with a mental image affecting the observer. This is in a sense that, the sky meets the earth through light and they become one in the shadow; hence, a new visual and mental experience is generated in this architectural space.



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