Mar 14, 2018

Green Architecture 2011

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The Rise of Nature to the City

Today’s cities are being transformed to lifeless creatures making life more

and more difficult for their residents. Nature is receding in cities with its

presence tapering off every day. Meanwhile, people, like mechanical creatures,

feel less and less the presence of nature in the city and this is turning into a

nostalgia for some people.

This project uses the superposition method, the basic map of Esfahan city and

the most important elements of urban nature, such as river, historical

framework and green points system formed based on the city’s scale to create

spaces that are a symbol of green urban nature. In fact, through the abovementioned

spaces, nature remodels and takes up those spaces wherever it is

placed. As those spaces shape up, signs will come into view in the city which

remind us of green nature. Since pure nature does not entail any specific

order, the city’s layers, historical elements and geometry and their adaptation

are used to create a shell that can flaunt greenness. This project provides an

environment that produces a moment of arrest in people’s mechanical lives in

the city. It flaunts its domination over the environment at any point and

makes nature rise into the city.

Nature can win any space. It is only time that will specify its duration.

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