Feb 2, 2015


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To begin with, in this project a network is designed based on the latitude and longitude of the city of Mosul, which determines the new arrangement of  the urban blocks. Then, pre-constructed modules together with the installations are transferred to the site and according to the demands, each block is assembled in a flexible manner in the shortest time possible and the residential complex is constructed.

This residential project has the capability of flexibility based on the demands and the location of the site. Local light-weighted  inexpensive materials are intended for its construction  and  if  necessary, this complex can be moved. By observing all the standards, each six-floor block provides the minimum space to accommodate 50.000 persons.

In the area where the new proposed grid lines encounter one another, locations with 50*50 m dimensions are intended to be constructed for cultural purposes, which would connect and integrate the urban blocks. The objectives of these locations are as follows:

  1. Providing the integrity of urban lines in the new arrangement
  2. Serving as a place for the social interactions of the residents
  3. Serving as cultural monuments which remind the history and culture of the city

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